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Family offices play an important role in managing huge wealth, promoting intra-family communication and wealth inheritance. The core of a family office is wealth investment management. A well-established family office will provide customers with customized services by forming a professional service team, including financial planning, family strategy, family governance and professional consulting.

In addition, family offices take the long-term development of family assets and wealth inheritance as their ultimate goals. When a family’s assets develop to a certain stage, the issue of inheritance is no longer simple. A family office can help family members avoid differences and reduce disputes in the process of material inheritance and even spiritual inheritance.

We will understand our clients’ wishes, help plan their family’s business and wealth, and leave it to future generations effectively and systematically. At the same time, our professional team will provide professional advice, including wills, trusts, tax issues and the establishment of charitable funds.

  • Understand the wishes and ideals of the business founder, as well as the interests and concerns of each family member.
  • Develop a corporate succession strategy to protect corporate value, balance the interests and concerns of family members, and help future generations of the family maintain good relationships.
  • Prepare resources for corporate inheritance, improve existing management systems and operating models, and find suitable talents.
  • Provide professional advice on relevant tax issues or shareholder concerns during the inheritance process to find better ways.
  • Provide professional advice on wealth distribution and trust management.


Break down geographical restrictions, eliminate cultural barriers, and listen to customer needs


Serve wholeheartedly and faithfully, and be as committed as a mountain


Benchmark against international elite standards and match global professional resources


Tailor-made exclusive solutions, flexible and pragmatic, abide by principles