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Discretionary Portfolio Management

With its experienced asset management consultants and expert strategy team, Gaoyu Asset Management always keeps abreast of markets around the world, seizes market opportunities, and explores the best investments.

Customized investment solutions

Through a series of goal-based investment plans, we provide customers with highly customized personalized services to cater to customers’ individual needs and achieve various investment goals.

In current market conditions, clients are increasingly focused on achieving specific goals and therefore require investment ideas tailored to that specific goal. With its expertise in customized investment solutions, Gaoyu Asset Management pursues innovative, goal-oriented investments based on the most specific needs of clients and appropriate interaction.

The basis of this investment approach is regular dialogue based on the principles of openness and transparency around the strategic goals of the investment portfolio, the company’s beliefs and customer needs at different times.

Gaoyu Asset Management has planned a series of customized entrustment portfolios to achieve multiple goals for clients, from wealth preservation to capital growth, while always keeping risk management in mind during the asset allocation process.