Family Trust Planning

Family trusts can effectively help families isolate the trusted assets from other assets of the settlor, thereby protecting assets and realizing the functions of wealth inheritance and tax deferral.

UB Trust, a subsidiary of Gaoyu Finance Group, has obtained a trust license (Ref. No. TC009214) issued by the Hong Kong Companies Registry and is able to provide customers with overseas family trust structures and asset custody services.

Family Trust

A family trust refers to a person who entrusts his property ownership to a trustee (Trustee), who manages the property in the trust in accordance with the trust agreement (Trust Deed) and transfers the assets to designated beneficiaries under specified circumstances (Beneficiaries).

Family trust is an effective financial management tool. By signing a standard contract and a tailor-made Memorandum of Wishes (MoW), it can customize financial products for customers to achieve investment and financial management, wealth management, property inheritance, and retirement planning, and other multiple purposes. The initial trust property of a family trust can be:

  • cash
  • Listed company stocks
  • Bonds
  • Private company equity
  • Property real estate

Benefits of Family Trust

  • Avoiding court certification procedures, expensive costs and the inconvenience of preventing long-term freezing of the estate, allowing the estate to be distributed quickly.
  • Confidential, estate information will not become public record like a will.
  • Can have maximum control and dominance.
  • When the founder loses legal physical and mental capacity to judge, there is no need to appoint an asset manager (manager) through the certification court.
  • Difficult to refute and argue, promoting family stability and harmony.